A trip to Styal Woods

A dog walk in Styal Woods
A dog walk in Styal Woods

Yesterday we visited Styal Woods with Mickey, and had a lovely (but very cold) walk in the snow. The Styal Estate is a great place to explore. The woods can be quite difficult to navigate at times as the river Bollin meanders around large outcrops. However there is a charming route you can take up and down wooden staircases at the river’s edge, which eventually comes out at the Airport Holiday Inn (at which point it’s best to turn back!). After your walk, there is a small coffee shop in the Mill Yard, where you can sit outside with your canine friend. The staff are very helpful there: when we visited yesterday Paul slipped on the ice and dropped his coffee, and the staff there replaced it free of charge! You can drive there and park in the National Trust Car Park at Quarry Bank Mill. Alternatively, you find free parking along Altrincham Road (sat nav reference SK9 4JE), from which it is a short walk down to the Woods or the Mill. If you don’t own a car, you can get there on a 20 minute train ride from East Didsbury train station; the most frequent running times are on a Sunday (every two hours). Remember that if you take your dog on the train, you must make sure it is on a lead at all times.

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