Pet products at Pets Beauty Salon

Continuing with our places to go to along Chorlton Green and Beech Road, is the Pets Beauty SalonPets Beauty Salon, which is a small friendly shop in which to buy all your pet accessories, tropical and cold water fish, pet food and they also provide a dog grooming service! We actually took Mickey here when he was looking a little shaggy and they did a great job on him. He came out looking a lot younger and his bushy eyebrows and beard looked a lot tidier. We’ll definately be going back there again when he needs a trim!

Pets Beauty Salon is a traditional little shop with a loud bell that rings when you enter and there is always someone friendly to help out with whatever you’re looking for. It smells like a pet shop when you go in with a lingering small of sawdust and multi grains of bird feeds. With all the big store names in every precinct and town, it’s nice to see a local shop still providing for the community.

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