The Mersey Valley / Chorlton Ees (part 1)


As The Mersey valley /Chorlton Ees is a huge in scope, we thought we would divide different sections up in which to visit…with your dog(s) of course.

We’ll start with Chorlton Water Park and move our way across. Chorlton Water Park is lovely to walk round and we actually went here recently on a Sundat, where we met up with family and their 2 little toddlers. You can enter via the car park situated up a little hill before the park at the end of Maitland Avenue,  or by having a stroll from the other parts of the Mersey Valley. Chorlton Water Park

Chorlton Water Park
Chorlton Water Park

is fairly quiet during the week but once the weekend starts you’ll find joggers, cyclists, or families taking a nice stroll around the outside of the lake.

There are plenty of benches which go all the way around so you can take a break every now and then or enjoy the atmosphere. There is also a van usually situated near a cluster of park benches where you can get yourself a coffee or tea and a little snack. On the left hand side path from the car park, you’ll find the childrens play area to keep them entertained. Dogs aren’t allowed inside here but I’m sure they’ll be happy playing around outside.

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