Explore Kenworthy Woods

Kenwothy WoodsThis is a place I dscovered a couple of weeks ago on my walk around Chorlton Water Park, and needed to make it last an hour or so. As the Water Park can be done in 20 minutes or so depending on how quick you’re walking, I came out of one of the exits which leads on the the big bridge crossing over the brook. I decided to venture along the path over the other side of the bridge and took a turn off to the right.

It takes you to a nice bit of woodland which is circular and takes you back to the same path a bit further up. I noticed that Kenworthy Woods can also be accessed from the Sale motorway a bit further up (shown in the picture). This stretch of woodland can be explored over on the left and side of the bridge too so it will still bring you back to where you started without fear of getting lost. It’s a nice extension to the Water Park walk and a lot quieter so no problems about getting caught in the path of passing joggers and cyclists. If you’re looking for that bit extra of a walk then why not have a stroll through these woods. The pooches will love it too!

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