The return of Petra and Connie!

20130226_114419Well after a week off for the lovely ladies Petra and Connie, I met with them again today to take them for a walk. As expected when I opened the door I was greeted by playful barking, jumping around, and licking my face when I was getting them ready. Aw it’s nice to be missed! 🙂

After all the excitement we went for a stroll along the Fallowfield Cycle Way which they were enjoying and as always, receiving lots of looks and compliments from passers-by. It’s a good job they were on leads because at one point when Connie saw a squirrel she was standing up-right on her back legs and was nearly as tall as me and I’m 6′ 1″! The walk never seems quite long enough so I always try to give them a bit extra and Petra likes it that way as when she knows we are approaching their home she pulls back stubbornly to say she wants to stay out longer. Don’t worry girls I’ll see you again tomorrow!


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