A good day to ‘Spring’ back into action!

Walking with Bella

walking in platt fields
Connie can’t be tyred already!

After being unwell over the weekend, it was nice to get back into walking our canine clients again and what a lovely day it’s been – has Spring finally sprung?!

After a chilly start this morning the sun arrived to give perfect weather for us dog walkers; the pooches certainly loved bouncing about and playing in the sunlight20130304_114003! Mickey was especially happy that I was better again as he did get out for a few walks but spent most of the days watching over me whilst I recovered in bed inbetween my walks.


I’ve not been updating the blogs and uploading pics from the days adventures so will include some highlights here and add some to the gallery for you to check out.



Mickey and I also met with some new canine clients today, who will be joining us for walks soon so pics of these doggies will be on here soon showing them on our days out to local parks. So as well as Rosie, Honey, Bella, Barney, Petra, Connie, Elsa, Cleo, our Mickey will be soon be playing out with Rocky and Charlie very soon! Mickey and Elsa

Geese in Plattfields Park

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