A big welcome to Monty!

Monty & FredOver the weekend I went to see some new clients, and their lovely pooch, Monty. Monty is a black and  white Springer Spaniel, who gave me a very warm welcome and enjoyed lots of strokes and play, and a short stroll to the local park.

Monty will begin his first walk next week, and whilst out on one of my walks with Lester and Fred in Sale Water Park, I met with Monty’s owners and we all went for a walk and play. Monty got on really well with my Mickey, Lester and Fred so he has met some new canine friends already and will no doubt enjoy meeting other doggy friends over the next few weeks!


2013-04-16 14.12.17Monty!

2 thoughts on “A big welcome to Monty!

    1. Ah Monty just loved his walk with Fred and the other dogs …. I agree, Simon is just the best, so lucky to have found him …

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