dogs buddy favourite pics gallery coming soon…

Mickey!As you know, I publish pics from our daily walks for all dogs buddy canine clients.  These are to show the owners their daily adventures, and also to show them off to the ‘likers’ of our Facebook page.

I thought it would be a nice idea to pick one good picture of each pooch, and publish this on both the website gallery, and our Facebook page. I will select which I think is the nicest picture for each doggy, however, if our canine clients’ owners have a picture of their beloved pooch that you may want me to publish then please send this on to me and I will do so.

Once these pictures  have been published on the Facebook page, feel free to ‘like’ the one(s) that you…well, like.

If any of our non-client Facebook ‘likers’ have pics of their dogs, and would like to show them off, then why not send them in too!


just to get us started, here’s a cute pic of our Mickey, taken a few months ago.

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