Are you looking for a dog trainer and behavior specialist?

James CarrollIf so I recommend James Carroll.

I have recently been in contact with James, who specialises in dog training and behavior and I was fortunate to experience his excellent work through one of my new canine clients, Boris the Cocker Spaniel.

James recognised Boris from my blog and picture updates, and commented that he had trained Boris prior to the move to South Manchester, and was going to recommend me as a dog walker for when they did move over.  Boris’ owner mentioned she had found a dog walker which happened to be me so all was good anyway 🙂

Boris was a delight to walk on his first day by being sociable with other pooches, great recall, and excellent temperament! This was a relief to Boris’ owner as it was a lot for him to get used to – new home, area, walker etc, and a relief for me as well as it takes a while for each dog to become used to you and gain your trust.

So, James comes highly recommended and it’s a massive thank you from me for helping Boris settle in very well!

Please take a look at James’ website to find out more and how he may be able to help with your dog(s).

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