is your pooch due a groom? We highly recommend Wags Grooming Salon in Sale

Mickey has been needing his haircut for weeks now and I’ve been meaning to arrange it for a while.  I have previously called in to Wags when passing by in Sale, and liked the look of this place. They did not disappoint at all. when I collected him I was so impressed with how he had been cut – it took years off him he looked like a puppy. I think he knew he looked smart as he was craving attention all night in a “look at me” kind of way. He’s been quite giddy too recently as if a lot of weight has been taken off him. He was always rubbing his face with his paws as I think his beard and eyebrows were getting in the way.

Wags is based on Cross Street which is the main busy road that leads into Sale. It is on the right and side if you were coming from Stretford way, and on the left and side if you were heading towards the city centre. There is street parking across the road from Wags, or it may be easier to park at the back to save having to cross the busy road.

Here are the before and after pictures for Mickey…

Mickey before his groomMickey after his groomMickey after his groom 2

A nice walk around Stamford Park

I’m a bit late at adding this place to visit as we came here after a family birthday lunch a few weeks ago on a Sunday. We had quite a lot to eat so decided to walk it off in the nearby park, and Stamford Park was highly recommended. This park is based on the borders of Altrincham and Hale,  and if you click on the link for Stamford Park it will give you the map and directions of how to get there. It’s a nice family friendly park which isn’t huge but has plenty to offer including playing fields,  cafe, duck pond, children’s play area, bowling greens, tennis courts, football pitch etc.  Here is a map of the park details where the facilities are:Welcome map

In fact while the kids went for a play in the play area, I went for a stroll around with Mickey, which was pleasant and he enjoying exploring a new area. The duck pond was closed off at the time we went as it is being improved and should be open once Summer is in full flow.



So if you’re in the area why not call in for a look around especially now the lighter evenings are upon us – enjoy!

The Bridgewater Way from Dane Road to Walton Park

2013-03-29 10.00.54The Bridgewater Way provides a pleasant amble on a sunny day . The towpath has been redeveloped in recent years, and is provides a very accessible path for all abilities of walking. The surface is smooth, and makes a nice alternative to trudging through mud, yet there a plenty of grassy banks for paws to patter along! The reflectons of the surface water on a sunny day.   Yesterday, we joined the towpath from Dane Road, parking on Brindle Avenue near The Bridge Inn. From here we strolled down the towpath, passing the Sale Waterside Arts Centre.

Waling the dog near Sale

Along the towpath, there are occasional information boards detailing some of the industrial history of the canal.

Continuing along the towpath, we saw the private moorings of the Sale Cruising Club on the opposite side (the ‘offside’) of the canal.Walking Bridgewater Canal The canal boats are in varying states of repair, but make a colourful background to the walk. There is a miniature man-powered cable ferry which provides access for members to the off-side: we spotted a dog making a crossing (pictured).

Following the towpath further down past Sale Cemetry, you will arrive at Walton Park. The park has an interesting history: shortly after its opening in 1939, part of the grounds were dug over to make way for vegetable allotments for the “dig for victory” war effort. In a tragic accident on 3 August 1943, at 11:50 pm, a Wellington Bomber on a training exercise crashed into the park, a 2 of its six man crew lost their lives. Its difficult to imagine that the park has such a sad history, as it is now home to verdant lawns and calm flowerbeds.Parks for dogs near Sale

Walton Park is also home to a small but enchanting model railway, where on a Sunday you will see miniature steam trains doing circuits of the park, which small children can ride on. The steam train is maintained by SAMES, and has been running since 1972 (“Sale Area Model Engineering Society).

2013-03-29 10.27.23After a turn around Walton Park, we followed our tracks back through Sale. At this point you can return to the start, or extend the walk to Crossford Bridge Playing Fields, which although less scenic, provides a good spot for a run around and a game of chase for your canine companion!

Our full route is shown here:

our route

A visit to Wythenshawe Park

Wythenshawe ParkWe thought we would have a drive out to Wythenshawe Park today, as we haven’t been there for a while and I remember it being a nice walk last time we went. The walk was nice apart from the bitterly cold wind – go away now Winter, you’ve had your turn it’s time for Spring now! Mickey had his coat on but was still shivering. I’ll have to edit this post for any new readers that come across this blog in Summer time (fingers crossed for this).

Directions to the park are:

Wythenshawe Road, Manchester M23 0AB


  • By road: Leave M60 at Junction 5, or M56 Junction 3 (onto Princess Parkway)
  • By bus: Bus 101 from Princess Parkway (heading from City Centre). Bus 179 along Altrincham Road (from Stockport direction). Bus 370 from Didsbury along Wythenshawe Road, or from Altrincham Interchange along Wythenshawe Road. Bus stops are located nearby on Princess Parkway, Wythenshawe Road and Altrincham Road

The main entrance to the park is on Wythenshawe Road. There is car parking on site, with a £1 charge at certain times of the year.

Once you’re in the park it’s fairly straight forward and difficult to get lost. You can either walk around the paths on the outside of the park, or there is plenty of open field you can walk through and have a play of ball with your pooch like we did. We also walked by the Oliver Cromwell statue for a nice photo opportunity – 2013-03-23 11.46.16

We also took a walk around The Hall, although the gardens were closed today for some reason but if you check the link to the website it does advise it will be open on certain days. If you have kids then there is a couple of children’s play areas and also a small farm where you can walk through and look at the pigs, cows, donkeys, chickens etc. It’s definitely worth visiting and the park has won awards over the last few years and it’s easy to see why.

2013-03-23 11.47.17

Facilities in the park

2013-03-23 11.31.272013-03-23 11.41.00

A visit to Fletcher Moss Gardens

20130317_125024   A place we haven’t been to for a while is Fletcher Moss Gardens, which is based in West Didsbury, so we thought we would take Mickey, for a stroll out on Sunday. I’d forgotten how nice it was actually. For parking we went drove past the Didsbury pub and down by the church. We then walked straight down from this road, all the way down to Simon’s bridge 🙂  20130317_114854

At this bridge we took a left turn (if you were to turn right this would take you in the direction to Chorlton Water Park which I’ll mention another time)  and this will take you on the path alongside the River Mersey. On this path the football playing fields will be on the left so you could drop by here for a play of ball with your pooch. All you need to do then is just keep on the same path which will give you a good walk right up to Stenner Woods. 20130317_122057All the routes are sign posted so it will be difficult to get lost. Once you get to Stenner Woods, there will be a narrow wood bridge path so this may get difficult to cross if there is another group of people crossing in the other direction. This walk is highly recommended and there are signposted paths along the way and it would be advisable to take some decent walking shoes or wellies as it can get muddy especially after a spell of rain.

A walk around Platt Fields Park

Platt Fields ParkIt’s been a while since I last gave a place to visit so I thought I would include this park as I do love a walk around this one. Platt Fields Park is a large public park off Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, Manchester, England. It is home to Platt Hall, and was originally known as the Platt Estate or the Platt Hall Estate. Fallowfield lies to the south and the Wilmslow Road runs along its eastern edge.

I have been during then weekends but just lately I’ve included some of my dog walks here, and it’s been nice a peaceful to walk around during the week days. I usually start from the car park and walk through the gardens at the back which then leads on to a path that goes up to, and past the costume gallery. From here you can walk along the path which leads up to the university football playing fields. There is plenty of space here to play ball or even sit around and enjoy the sun on the warmer days. Depending on hoe long you wish to stay out for you can either walk the circle of the park by walking by the fence of the football grounds, or head over a small bridge which will lead you to the lake. I tend to walk around the whole of the park, and leave the lake until last. You can definately gian a 1 hour walk and even more by doing this.

Facilities in the park include a couple of childrens play areas, bowling green, BMX track, basketball and tennis courts, and a picnic area. There are usually events arranged throughout the year which you can find on the website.

It’s definately worth a visit whenever you’re nearby the Fallowfield area.

Explore Kenworthy Woods

Kenwothy WoodsThis is a place I dscovered a couple of weeks ago on my walk around Chorlton Water Park, and needed to make it last an hour or so. As the Water Park can be done in 20 minutes or so depending on how quick you’re walking, I came out of one of the exits which leads on the the big bridge crossing over the brook. I decided to venture along the path over the other side of the bridge and took a turn off to the right.

It takes you to a nice bit of woodland which is circular and takes you back to the same path a bit further up. I noticed that Kenworthy Woods can also be accessed from the Sale motorway a bit further up (shown in the picture). This stretch of woodland can be explored over on the left and side of the bridge too so it will still bring you back to where you started without fear of getting lost. It’s a nice extension to the Water Park walk and a lot quieter so no problems about getting caught in the path of passing joggers and cyclists. If you’re looking for that bit extra of a walk then why not have a stroll through these woods. The pooches will love it too!

Take a stroll in Stockport’s Parkland

128Central Stockport offers a surprising amount of very beautiful parkland in which to while away a sunny afternoon with your dog. Vernon Park boasts gorgeous river terraces, a lily pond (pictured) and a yew tree maze. Sitting just outside the town centre, it has an urban feel with plenty of hustle and bustle, and from the upper parts of the park you can see across Stockport’s Victorian buildings.

For peace and quiet, you can easily strike out from here into more tranquil surroundings. At the bottom of the park, you can join the Midshires Way, which follows the winding course of the River Goit passing through protected woodland. This path stretches for miles, but when you tire it is easy to find paths back up the hill to the “Fred Perry Way” which runs parallel, and will take you back. If you are planning to walk this section, make sure you bring wellies, as the path is very muddy alongside the river.


Vernon Park adjoins Woodbank Park, a 90 acre wooded park which offers plenty of open space for picnicking or throwing a ball with your dog.

How to get there:

By car, the parks lie l127ess than 5 minute drive from the M60 Outer Ring Road, and are therefore easily accessible from all parts of South Manchester. There are several car parking points around both Vernon and Woodbank Park. We parked at the Community Centre Car Park where there is ample parking. Satnav postcode: SK1 4BN.

By public transport: There is a train service between Altrincham/Navigation Road to Stockport; neither station are too noisy for dogs. The Arriva 370 bus allows dogs at driver’s discretion, and runs from Sale, through Didsbury and to Stockport. The parks are 1 mile from the bus/rail station.

A stroll around Chorlton Park

Well I can’t believe I’ve haven’t included Chorlton Park into this section yet as I do go there quite a lot during the week to walk  Mickey and my clients’ pooches. In fact before I started Dogs Buddy, I would go there in the morning before work to take  Mickey for an hour.


Chorlton Park isn’t a massive park and more of a local park for the residents nearby to have a stroll through with their dogs, or to take the kids to the play areas that they have there. It can be accessed through the entrances at St. Werburgh’s Road, Barlow Moor Road or from the top end near Nell Lane. There are also some gates which lead from the Sandy Lane streets.  In the early mornings and early evenings the park is also used by joggers and cyclists, and during the day you’ll find people going in for a game of tennis or a kick around game of footie especially on the weekends. It is a square shaped park with a path leading around the outside and a couple of centre paths which lead through the middle of the park or by the side of the tennis courts. If you’re travelling from far away I wouldn’t make a special effort to visit expecting a couple of hours walking however, if you fancy a stop off from wherever you have visited it’s worth a quick look and a your dog will enjoy a run and socialising with other dogs.

For all your walking gear go to Go Outdoors

Thought we would give a quick mention to Go Outdoors in Manchester Ancoats. We were needing some gear for when we were going away for the weekend such as boots, walking trousers, socks etc and we had parked up and were going to leave Mickey in the car for abot 15 minutes.  Turns out that dogs are actually allowed in so we were able to browse and not worry about him being left in the car! They have some good quality gear at reasonable prices too!