A great first week for our canine clients!

Welcome to Dogs Buddy!
Welcome to Dogs Buddy!

It’s been a week of new canine clients this week, and it’s been very nice and they’ve all had a great time! First on a walk was Sephy, a lovely Bedlington Terrier who has been out a couple of times this week to Chorlton Water Park. Sephy loves to play, chase the geese and swans and pop in the river for a little paddle.  She does look all innocent in her picture but she can certainly bark and be very energetic bless her!

Next for their first walk are Maddie and Arthur. Their previous walker had to move away so their owners needed a new dog walker. The first few days took a while for them to get used to me and they did run off for quite a distance when out in Alexandra Park, and Platt Fields Park. I had to have my eyes everywhere as they wouldn’t stick together when off somewhere exploring. They did come back eventually after lots of shouting and whistling! By the end of the week they stayed close by and enjoyed getting out for an hour’s play!Arthur and Maddie

And last but not least, is Friendly Fred the Cocker Spaniel. Fred always gives me a lovely welcome when I go to pick him up. As he lives over in Sale, I bring along some other doggy friends for him to have a run and play with and usually go to Sale Water Park, and Chorlton Ees at the top of the river brook. Fred has a playful bark in the car, and when out and is just really excited. Fred also likes to go for a little swim. I didn’t take him out today, which is a god job really as the Spring weather was freezing! Not sure he would have liked the chill afterwards! Friendly Fred!

So all in all a very good week and I look forward to more adventures with them in the coming weeks!

Welcome to dogs buddy, Sephy!

Welcome to Dogs Buddy!
Welcome to Dogs Buddy!

A very big welcome to Sephy, who joined Dogs Buddy on her first walk today! Sephy (full name Persephone) is a lovely Beddlington Terrier full of character. I came to meet her owner’s house and she was very sweet and quiet. I soon found out today though that Sephy is a real terrier under that ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look 🙂 She loves to play chase, do playful barking and run at the geese and ducks who who were enjoying the sun in Chorlton Water Park . We were out for over an hour and she loved every minute! Plenty more of that on our future walks.  20130316_123952

Fun in the Sun!

Connie ans Petra enjoying the sunWell, another perfect day for being out and about on walks in the glorious sunshine! We always seem to have a nice few days of this weather in March, in recent years. Makes me so glad I had the conviction (and encouragement from my partner, friends and family) to set up Dogs Buddy. I suppose I won’t be saying this when it turns grey, cold and rainy again so I’d best make the most of it. I woke up with a big smile on my fave looking forward to the day, and a new doggy client which I’ve mentioned about in another post. I picked up the girls Petra and Connie, who gave me a great welcome as always and day by day it’s getting quicker to get them ready so they must be eager to get out. Connie always stands the same height as me when she jumps up to greet me (and sniff out treats from various pockets in my clothes) whilst Petra barks with excitement. Petra is still unsure about getting into the car so I have to gently lift her in. She then howls for a bit of the journey but then for some reason stopped and sat looking out of the windows. Perhaps it’s the soothing tones of Ken Bruce on Radio 2..?!! We went along to Chorlton Water Park Chorlton Water Park where they explored and got excited by other dogs passing by, and also went over to Kenworthy Woods where it was a little quieter. Here are some pics of them on their adventures. Connie enjoying the River Mersey ViewPetra having a little break

By the afternoon I was on my second visit to Longford Park, after Rocky’s walk, this time with Elsa the Cocker Spaniel. Elsa always loves it there and did her usual thing of exploring, playing, chasing and coming back for a stroke and a little treat! Elsa was also worn out by the end off the hour so my work had been done for the day – happy pooches all round.          An even busier day tomorrow so bring it on…Mickey and Elsa 20130305_143940

Explore Kenworthy Woods

Kenwothy WoodsThis is a place I dscovered a couple of weeks ago on my walk around Chorlton Water Park, and needed to make it last an hour or so. As the Water Park can be done in 20 minutes or so depending on how quick you’re walking, I came out of one of the exits which leads on the the big bridge crossing over the brook. I decided to venture along the path over the other side of the bridge and took a turn off to the right.

It takes you to a nice bit of woodland which is circular and takes you back to the same path a bit further up. I noticed that Kenworthy Woods can also be accessed from the Sale motorway a bit further up (shown in the picture). This stretch of woodland can be explored over on the left and side of the bridge too so it will still bring you back to where you started without fear of getting lost. It’s a nice extension to the Water Park walk and a lot quieter so no problems about getting caught in the path of passing joggers and cyclists. If you’re looking for that bit extra of a walk then why not have a stroll through these woods. The pooches will love it too!

The Mersey Valley / Chorlton Ees (part 1)


As The Mersey valley /Chorlton Ees is a huge in scope, we thought we would divide different sections up in which to visit…with your dog(s) of course.

We’ll start with Chorlton Water Park and move our way across. Chorlton Water Park is lovely to walk round and we actually went here recently on a Sundat, where we met up with family and their 2 little toddlers. You can enter via the car park situated up a little hill before the park at the end of Maitland Avenue,  or by having a stroll from the other parts of the Mersey Valley. Chorlton Water Park

Chorlton Water Park
Chorlton Water Park

is fairly quiet during the week but once the weekend starts you’ll find joggers, cyclists, or families taking a nice stroll around the outside of the lake.

There are plenty of benches which go all the way around so you can take a break every now and then or enjoy the atmosphere. There is also a van usually situated near a cluster of park benches where you can get yourself a coffee or tea and a little snack. On the left hand side path from the car park, you’ll find the childrens play area to keep them entertained. Dogs aren’t allowed inside here but I’m sure they’ll be happy playing around outside.

Visit the Horse and Jockey!

Another place to visit for a snack, drink or lunchtime / evening meal is the dog friendly Horse and Jockey which is situated in the heart of Chorlton Green facing the square. This is a friendly and vibrant place to go where you can sit inside this spacious establishment, or outside where there are plenty of seats and bench tables.  A sun trap in summer and a cozy, intimate place in winter, the setting couldn’t be better – The Green is at the heart of Chorlton’s conservation area, a stone’s throw from vibrant Beech Road, with its multitude of bars, pubs, restaurants, boutiques and shops, and a short stroll from Chorlton Meadows and Water Park.

Horse and Jockey

Visit the Parlour Bar

After a walk with your dog around Chorlton Green, or even a stroll around the shops and cafe bars of Beech Road, you may want to pop into         The Parlour for a drink or a bite to eat. The Parlour Bar is dog friendly pub and we have been in a few occasions and find the staff to be very welcoming. With a great range o food, wines and traditional ales you won’t be disappointed! The Parlour Bar has also won the monthly award in 2012 for best Sunday lunch.