A BIG welcome to Smokey!

Smokey!Here’s Smokey who joined us today for his first walk!

Smokey is an Old English Sheepdog and as you can see he’s a big lad! I thought as it was his first day I would take him to Sale Water Park, with Fred who lives nearby.  His owners haven’t been here before so it was new grounds to explore.

Smokey is ten years old but doesn’t look it and was very lively out on his walk. Here are a few pics of his adventures which he’ll be enjoying on future walks. 2013-04-24 14.56.502013-04-24 14.54.01

2013-04-24 14.52.50

Smokey and Fred

Where for art thou, Romeo?

  He’s walking with dogs buddy, for 1 week only!2013-04-23 15.25.35 2013-04-23 15.50.46 2013-04-23 15.50.56 2013-04-23 15.52.35 2013-04-23 15.56.18 2013-04-23 15.56.33

This lovely German Shepherd cross, joined me on his first walk today, and for the rest of this week only. The reason being is that he isn’t from Manchester, and is visiting for this week only and his owners aren’t able to take him out on regular walks.  Shame really as he was a joy to walk. We went to Platt Fields Park (my second visit there for today) and he enjoyed the atmosphere as it was a little busier than it was in the morning, probably due to the warm weather and people heading to the park after work, uni, school etc.

He is allowed off the lead and his recall was great and he posed for some nice pictures shown here. I loved the way he sat and lay down and also wanted to give his paw to earn a treat – very cute! I’ll look forward to the other walks we’ll have and introducing him to some pooch friends 🙂

2013-04-23 15.25.25

Monty’s first day with us!

Monty & MickeyToday, Monty the Springer Spaniel,  enjoyed his first walk with dogs buddy, playing ball and having a run around. I thought that I would take along some doggy friends who he met last week – my Mickey, and Lester the Schnauzer. Monty was quite shy at first especially as Lester was more excited than usual and just wanted to run around Monty and tease him with the ball. Monty was too fast for Lester on a few occasions and didn’t want to let the ball out of his grip.

Here are a few pics of his walk with us this afternoon….

2013-04-22 12.56.01

2013-04-22 13.07.15 2013-04-22 12.55.31 2013-04-22 13.07.29

dogs buddy favourite pics gallery coming soon…

Mickey!As you know, I publish pics from our daily walks for all dogs buddy canine clients.  These are to show the owners their daily adventures, and also to show them off to the ‘likers’ of our Facebook page.

I thought it would be a nice idea to pick one good picture of each pooch, and publish this on both the website gallery, and our Facebook page. I will select which I think is the nicest picture for each doggy, however, if our canine clients’ owners have a picture of their beloved pooch that you may want me to publish then please send this on to me and I will do so.

Once these pictures  have been published on the Facebook page, feel free to ‘like’ the one(s) that you…well, like.

If any of our non-client Facebook ‘likers’ have pics of their dogs, and would like to show them off, then why not send them in too!


just to get us started, here’s a cute pic of our Mickey, taken a few months ago.

A big welcome to Monty!

Monty & FredOver the weekend I went to see some new clients, and their lovely pooch, Monty. Monty is a black and  white Springer Spaniel, who gave me a very warm welcome and enjoyed lots of strokes and play, and a short stroll to the local park.

Monty will begin his first walk next week, and whilst out on one of my walks with Lester and Fred in Sale Water Park, I met with Monty’s owners and we all went for a walk and play. Monty got on really well with my Mickey, Lester and Fred so he has met some new canine friends already and will no doubt enjoy meeting other doggy friends over the next few weeks!


2013-04-16 14.12.17Monty!

A busy but very lovely Tuesday, out walking all the dogs!

Connie & PetraWell today was a busy day with 4 walks in total but I loved every minute of it in this lovely weather! It’s about time the sun was out and feeling warm after the very long winter we’ve had! Today also saw the return of Petra and Connie who joined me on a nice walk along the Fallowfield Cycleway Loop. Both were very excited when I arrived to take them out so it was nice to have been missed. I’ll look forward to taking them out on more ventures.

All the pooches were very happy to be out and here are some picture highlights from today…

Lester, Mickey and Fred

Rocky, Moses, Oscar & MickeyArthur & MaddieHoney & Mickey

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Rosie!“My name’s Rosie, and I’m having a great time out today with my doggy friends – come and join us!  

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2013-04-10 13.33.12


Our introductory discount offer will run for 2 more weeks

2013-03-20 12.44.48Dogs Buddy started at the beginning of 2013 and as a special introductory promotion we offered a 10% discount for the first 4 weeks which I’m sure you’ll agree is a great offer. We will be running this promotion up until Monday 15th April which is 2 weeks away.

Any new clients that contact us during this time will be eligible to claim this discount on our services regardless of when you would like to    start. We will be running various other promotions so look out for updates on these soon.

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A visit to Wythenshawe Park

Wythenshawe ParkWe thought we would have a drive out to Wythenshawe Park today, as we haven’t been there for a while and I remember it being a nice walk last time we went. The walk was nice apart from the bitterly cold wind – go away now Winter, you’ve had your turn it’s time for Spring now! Mickey had his coat on but was still shivering. I’ll have to edit this post for any new readers that come across this blog in Summer time (fingers crossed for this).

Directions to the park are:

Wythenshawe Road, Manchester M23 0AB


  • By road: Leave M60 at Junction 5, or M56 Junction 3 (onto Princess Parkway)
  • By bus: Bus 101 from Princess Parkway (heading from City Centre). Bus 179 along Altrincham Road (from Stockport direction). Bus 370 from Didsbury along Wythenshawe Road, or from Altrincham Interchange along Wythenshawe Road. Bus stops are located nearby on Princess Parkway, Wythenshawe Road and Altrincham Road

The main entrance to the park is on Wythenshawe Road. There is car parking on site, with a £1 charge at certain times of the year.

Once you’re in the park it’s fairly straight forward and difficult to get lost. You can either walk around the paths on the outside of the park, or there is plenty of open field you can walk through and have a play of ball with your pooch like we did. We also walked by the Oliver Cromwell statue for a nice photo opportunity – 2013-03-23 11.46.16

We also took a walk around The Hall, although the gardens were closed today for some reason but if you check the link to the website it does advise it will be open on certain days. If you have kids then there is a couple of children’s play areas and also a small farm where you can walk through and look at the pigs, cows, donkeys, chickens etc. It’s definitely worth visiting and the park has won awards over the last few years and it’s easy to see why.

2013-03-23 11.47.17

Facilities in the park

2013-03-23 11.31.272013-03-23 11.41.00

A great first week for our canine clients!

Welcome to Dogs Buddy!
Welcome to Dogs Buddy!

It’s been a week of new canine clients this week, and it’s been very nice and they’ve all had a great time! First on a walk was Sephy, a lovely Bedlington Terrier who has been out a couple of times this week to Chorlton Water Park. Sephy loves to play, chase the geese and swans and pop in the river for a little paddle.  She does look all innocent in her picture but she can certainly bark and be very energetic bless her!

Next for their first walk are Maddie and Arthur. Their previous walker had to move away so their owners needed a new dog walker. The first few days took a while for them to get used to me and they did run off for quite a distance when out in Alexandra Park, and Platt Fields Park. I had to have my eyes everywhere as they wouldn’t stick together when off somewhere exploring. They did come back eventually after lots of shouting and whistling! By the end of the week they stayed close by and enjoyed getting out for an hour’s play!Arthur and Maddie

And last but not least, is Friendly Fred the Cocker Spaniel. Fred always gives me a lovely welcome when I go to pick him up. As he lives over in Sale, I bring along some other doggy friends for him to have a run and play with and usually go to Sale Water Park, and Chorlton Ees at the top of the river brook. Fred has a playful bark in the car, and when out and is just really excited. Fred also likes to go for a little swim. I didn’t take him out today, which is a god job really as the Spring weather was freezing! Not sure he would have liked the chill afterwards! Friendly Fred!

So all in all a very good week and I look forward to more adventures with them in the coming weeks!