A BIG welcome to Smokey!

Smokey!Here’s Smokey who joined us today for his first walk!

Smokey is an Old English Sheepdog and as you can see he’s a big lad! I thought as it was his first day I would take him to Sale Water Park, with Fred who lives nearby.  His owners haven’t been here before so it was new grounds to explore.

Smokey is ten years old but doesn’t look it and was very lively out on his walk. Here are a few pics of his adventures which he’ll be enjoying on future walks. 2013-04-24 14.56.502013-04-24 14.54.01

2013-04-24 14.52.50

Smokey and Fred

Monty’s first day with us!

Monty & MickeyToday, Monty the Springer Spaniel,  enjoyed his first walk with dogs buddy, playing ball and having a run around. I thought that I would take along some doggy friends who he met last week – my Mickey, and Lester the Schnauzer. Monty was quite shy at first especially as Lester was more excited than usual and just wanted to run around Monty and tease him with the ball. Monty was too fast for Lester on a few occasions and didn’t want to let the ball out of his grip.

Here are a few pics of his walk with us this afternoon….

2013-04-22 12.56.01

2013-04-22 13.07.15 2013-04-22 12.55.31 2013-04-22 13.07.29

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Rosie!“My name’s Rosie, and I’m having a great time out today with my doggy friends – come and join us!  

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2013-04-10 13.33.12


The Bridgewater Way from Dane Road to Walton Park

2013-03-29 10.00.54The Bridgewater Way provides a pleasant amble on a sunny day . The towpath has been redeveloped in recent years, and is provides a very accessible path for all abilities of walking. The surface is smooth, and makes a nice alternative to trudging through mud, yet there a plenty of grassy banks for paws to patter along! The reflectons of the surface water on a sunny day.   Yesterday, we joined the towpath from Dane Road, parking on Brindle Avenue near The Bridge Inn. From here we strolled down the towpath, passing the Sale Waterside Arts Centre.

Waling the dog near Sale

Along the towpath, there are occasional information boards detailing some of the industrial history of the canal.

Continuing along the towpath, we saw the private moorings of the Sale Cruising Club on the opposite side (the ‘offside’) of the canal.Walking Bridgewater Canal The canal boats are in varying states of repair, but make a colourful background to the walk. There is a miniature man-powered cable ferry which provides access for members to the off-side: we spotted a dog making a crossing (pictured).

Following the towpath further down past Sale Cemetry, you will arrive at Walton Park. The park has an interesting history: shortly after its opening in 1939, part of the grounds were dug over to make way for vegetable allotments for the “dig for victory” war effort. In a tragic accident on 3 August 1943, at 11:50 pm, a Wellington Bomber on a training exercise crashed into the park, a 2 of its six man crew lost their lives. Its difficult to imagine that the park has such a sad history, as it is now home to verdant lawns and calm flowerbeds.Parks for dogs near Sale

Walton Park is also home to a small but enchanting model railway, where on a Sunday you will see miniature steam trains doing circuits of the park, which small children can ride on. The steam train is maintained by SAMES, and has been running since 1972 (“Sale Area Model Engineering Society).

2013-03-29 10.27.23After a turn around Walton Park, we followed our tracks back through Sale. At this point you can return to the start, or extend the walk to Crossford Bridge Playing Fields, which although less scenic, provides a good spot for a run around and a game of chase for your canine companion!

Our full route is shown here:

our route

A great first week for our canine clients!

Welcome to Dogs Buddy!
Welcome to Dogs Buddy!

It’s been a week of new canine clients this week, and it’s been very nice and they’ve all had a great time! First on a walk was Sephy, a lovely Bedlington Terrier who has been out a couple of times this week to Chorlton Water Park. Sephy loves to play, chase the geese and swans and pop in the river for a little paddle.  She does look all innocent in her picture but she can certainly bark and be very energetic bless her!

Next for their first walk are Maddie and Arthur. Their previous walker had to move away so their owners needed a new dog walker. The first few days took a while for them to get used to me and they did run off for quite a distance when out in Alexandra Park, and Platt Fields Park. I had to have my eyes everywhere as they wouldn’t stick together when off somewhere exploring. They did come back eventually after lots of shouting and whistling! By the end of the week they stayed close by and enjoyed getting out for an hour’s play!Arthur and Maddie

And last but not least, is Friendly Fred the Cocker Spaniel. Fred always gives me a lovely welcome when I go to pick him up. As he lives over in Sale, I bring along some other doggy friends for him to have a run and play with and usually go to Sale Water Park, and Chorlton Ees at the top of the river brook. Fred has a playful bark in the car, and when out and is just really excited. Fred also likes to go for a little swim. I didn’t take him out today, which is a god job really as the Spring weather was freezing! Not sure he would have liked the chill afterwards! Friendly Fred!

So all in all a very good week and I look forward to more adventures with them in the coming weeks!