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The testimonials section of the site allows clients to leave feedback about dogs-buddy dog walking services. Please note feedback will be moderated to ensure there is no inappropriate content.

38 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Simon is very reliable, trust worthy & provides an excellent service walking Flower (dog) daily.

    He provides a high quality service.

    I highly recommend Simon’s services

  2. Simon has been walking Bert three times a week for nearly three years – and Bert simply adores him! Simon has always been reliable, and is really flexible to accommodate our changing work schedule at short notice. He’s also helped us once or twice when we’ve locked ourselves out!! Bert loves his walks with Simon, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending him!

  3. Simon has walked Stanley for over 3 years and he provides a professional, friendly and flexible service. Simon has always been accommodating if we need to change our usual plans, as he always puts his dogs first and he is great value. The best advert for Dogs Buddy is to watch how ecstatic Stan is whenever Simon arrives for their walks!

  4. Simon walked our schnoodles Toby and Ruby after we moved from the Yorkshire countryside to very busy Chorlton. One of our pups found it really difficult to settle, and Simon took the time to slowly help her integrate with the pack and was so integral in helping to build her confidence back up around other dogs. Our dogs absolutely love Simon, and as owners we felt fully confident leaving the pups in his care. Simon is also so flexible and accommodating to when our work schedules change, and has even helped with some walks at crazy hours of the day / night if we needed him. We are so grateful for the care he has given our dogs and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. When you meet him you will realise he is so passionate about what he does, so knowledgable and just loves animals. I wouldn’t consider anyone else in the Chorlton area, Simon is just simply amazing! Thank you for everything xx

  5. Simon has walked our dog lots and she loves him! I would recommend his service to anyone looking for a good dog walker. Simon is reliable, very flexible, friendly and professional.

  6. Simon walked Leon, our barking mad border collie cross, most mornings for two years or more. It was the highlight of Leon’s day, and he loved Simon to bits. We will greatly miss Leon’s excitement on Simon’s arrival and jubilation on his return. We definitely recommend Simon!

  7. Simon walks our dog Ruby on Mondays and she absolutely loves it. He is a real dog lover and I am happy in the knowledge that she is in safe hands when she is out with Simon. He always leaves us a note to tell us what Ruby has been up to – where they have been walking and what dogs she has been out with – a real personal touch!

  8. Simon has been walking Henry for nearly a year now whilst we go on holiday. Henry is a black lab and gets very excited when Simon comes to see him. Simon is punctual and very reliable. I would highly recommend Simon and he fabulous with dogs and a lovely person as well. He provides an excellent service. Henry loves his walks with Simon.

    1. We moved into our house the first weekend of July 2016 and needed a dog walker immediately. Simon was able to accommodate us at very short notice and has walked our pug Pedro ever since. We’ve found Simon to be super reliable and trustworthy. Pedro loves his walks and on the occasions when he’s not been walked by Simon, he’s sat looking out of the window waiting for him arrive! We also really like that Pedro gets to socialise with other dogs every day. Highly recommended!

  9. Simon has been walking our dog Ralph for a year, Ralph always has a great time and comes back absolutly exhausted. It is great that Simon takes similar sized dogs out together so they can play, and takes them to different places so they can explore. I would highly recommend Simon and I always know Ralph is in safe hands when he’s with him. The online vids are a lovely touch too! Highly recommend.

  10. Woody has been with Simon for over a year now and he couldn’t be happier Simon is brilliant with him, and extremely reliable and punctual. It’s lovely to see how happy Woody is with Pedro and Dill, and he wags his tale every time he sees any pug or border terrier now .
    Thank you so much Simon!

    1. To give an example of how dedicated Simon is to his dogs – for Woody’s first few walks he didn’t know to jump into the back of the van, so Simon lifted him in. That’s 40kg of gangly greyhound!! Needless to say after a couple of walks Woody couldn’t jump into that van quick enough for an adventure with all his pals. With Simon we know that he is well exercised, socialised and cared for. We highly recommend Dogs Buddy.

  11. We are incredibly grateful to Simon who is 100% reliable and extremely accommodating of our irregular schedule. Our cavapoo, Charlie, adores his walks. We couldn’t recommend Simon more highly and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have him around.

  12. Our dog loves Simon who was easy to trust from the first time we met him. Very professional, efficient and responsive to ridiculously late requests from me when something last minute lands, Simon’s a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend.

  13. Dogs Buddy is right! Reggie doesn’t look back when Simon turns up!! It’s great fun watching him go bananas when Simon arrives to take him out with all his pals. Great job over the last couple of years Simon. It’s much appreciated. Woof Woof.

  14. Simon is very punctual and reliable,our dogs took to him immediately,he varies where he takes them out and we are very happy to leave them in his capable hands

  15. Excellent service. Super friendly and helpful. Really appreciated simons help to walk our dog when we were too poorly to take him. Simon managed to fit Romeo in on a busy day last minute and Romeo came back a very happy dog. Thank you Simon!

  16. Simon has been walking our Springer Spaniel, Rocket, for nearly a year now. From the moment we met Simon we knew he was the right person for the job! He took the time to meet both us and Rocket before he started taking Rocket on walks. Rocket adores him and always greets Simon enthusiastically. Being a Springer Spaniel, Rocket has oodles of energy – in summer he needs 3 walks a day; so having Simon help out with a midday walk takes the pressure off us while we work. Simon is super trustworthy and very reliable. He’s also been flexible to our needs, taking on additional walks, or skipping some as our schedules require. But best of all, we have a very happy dog – Rocket is so much calmer having these additional walks.

  17. Simon has walked Dylan since he was a puppy. He loves his walks with him and is always tired out. Simon has helped us out at short notice and is very reliable. Would recommend Simon, we will be using him for the foreseeable future as Dylan loves him.

  18. Simon has been walking my little pug for about 6mths. Pabs absolutely loves his walks with Simon and all his pals. Simon is great, very pleasant, responsible and very reliable. He always locks up securely and sets the alarm. I would highly recommend Simon’s services.

  19. Simon has been a fantastic dog walker for our Manchester terrier. He took time and lots of patience to allow our reserved dog to get to know him. She loves him now! I can happily recommend his service!

  20. Simon has been regularly walking Molly for about a year. She really enjoys his walks and the social side of walking with a few other dogs. I can leave for work knowing Molly will have a great walk with someone totally reliable and trustworthy. Molly gives her own testimonial if we meet Simon in the park as she rushes up to him wagging hard!

  21. My willful Border Terrier Dill loves going out with Simon; he is always delighted to see Simon and comes home tired after having had a good play and run around. Simon is so reliable and I find it particularly reassuring to know who Dill is out with and that he is in such safe hands.

  22. I would heartily recommend Simon to anyone. He is extremely patient and an excellent communicator. He runs a very professional service and genuinely loves dogs. I immediately felt confident in his ability to take excellent care of my dog!

  23. Simon has been walking Dexter now for nearly 12 months. I know how much Dexter loves his walks with Simon as I’ve seen how excited he gets whenever Simon comes round. Simon always leaves us a little note so we know what fun Dexter has had out on his walk each day. We’ve even used Simon for boarding when we went on holiday for a week. It was so nice to know that Dexter was with someone who would give him as much attention and as many cuddles as he’d normally get at home. Simon’s always very flexible and has been very accommodating when plans have changed at the last minute. Highly recommended. Thanks Simon!! 🙂

  24. I met Simon in the local park while walking my dog Rocky and i often bumped into him and Mickey around Chorlton. I had thought about getting a dog walker 1 day a week when I’m at work all day but didn’t as I was unsure how it would work and who to trust. When I realised Simon was a dog walker I didn’t hesitate to sort out regular walks. Simon is a real gem and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, I have been able to go on holiday knowing Rocky is being looked after and having fun. Rocky adores Simon, he gets the same excited greeting I get when I come home and even sits by the window waiting for Simon to arrive before I have left for work! Dogs buddy for sure 🙂

  25. Simon is really a life saver. We have been using him for about 6 months now and our Leo is a much happier dog for it. When we first got Leo, a rescue dog, he suffered from separation anxiety. Having Simon come by to pick Leo up once a day has really improved our dogs quality of life and Simon has helped us to get Leo into a routine to help us deal with his issues. In addition, Simon is always professional and we can tell that he takes his job very seriously by showing where he has been during the week with our dog on his facebook and leaving little notes after his walk, which we can use as a dialogue if any issues arise. We would recommend Simon to any dog owner, new and old alike. We have never regretted spending the money. Thanks Simon!

  26. We have been very pleased with Simon, who has been walking Rolfie since the summer, when he was quite a little pup. Rolfie is always very excited to see him, and loves his walks with Simon and Mickey. Simon is very reliable, and even managed to fit in walks with Rolfie at the last minute, when our plans suddenly changed. We love seeing photos of the dogs’ adventures on Facebook! Highly recommended!

  27. Simon has been looking after my Tilly for the past 8 months and without hesitation I am happy to recommend his services. Whilst out with Tilly one weekend, we happened to bump into Simon and Mickey in our local park, seeing first hand how excited Tilly was to see them both was great, in-fact she was so happy to see them, that she followed after Simon!!! Recently Tilly was unwell and Simon immediately contacted me to give her symptoms, I came home and took her straight to the vet and after a shot from the Doc she was right as rain. Simon really cares for his four legged clients and thats so reassuring. He also came to my rescue when I accidently locked myself out! If you need a reliable, trust worthy, compassionate and caring Dog Walker….he is most definitely the man for the job

  28. Simon has been walking Boris for us since we moved to the area several months ago. He’s been an absolute godsend. We were worried at first because Boris is quite nervous and can be hard to manage on walks. It also takes time for Boris to get to know people. We need not have worried because Boris took to Simon straight away and now he is always excited to see him. I never worry about Boris when he is with Simon and it’s fantastic to see all of the pictures which Simon puts on his Facebook page of Boris on his walks with his furry friends. Simon has also looked after Boris at the last minute for us a couple of times when we had to attend work events in the evening. Simon does a great job for us!

  29. Simon has been walking our pooches Petra and Connie since February. He is trust worthy and reliable. The girls love being walked by him and they have a best friend in little Mickey. We have peace of mind knowing that they’re having a fun time and being very well looked after. Thank you Simon 🙂

  30. Simon has been brilliant from the moment we emailed onwards – he is a really nice chap to get on with personally and he is just fabulous with our Fred. He walks him throughout the week and I am confident that our Fred is well looked after and genuinely cared for each day he is with Simon – and from his tired state when I get home he has been thoroughly entertained!

    Fred has also stayed with Simon when we’ve gone away and he had a fabulous time! What I also love about Simon is he takes the time to leave little notes on how the day has gone, upload photos and when Fred stays for a while send us a diary of what he got up to.

    Simon is a real find, if you need a dog walker I thoroughly recommend him!!!!

  31. We found Simon through the recommendation of a friend. He is a lovely easy going bloke who offers a really reliable service. Charlie, our Springer, is really attached to him. I know he is safe and well cared for when out with Simon, as well as having lots of fun
    He is a real find, and I would totally recommend him.

  32. Simon has been walking Sephy, my Bedlington Terrier for a couple of months now. I love the fact that I get an individual “non-corporate” service. Simon has emailed me when I have had a couple of worries about the dog, and put my mind at ease. He has walked Seph at very short notice. Probably most important though is that Seph adores him, and gets a full hour of proper walking and playing.
    I also love looking at the facebook pictures of all the dogs out and about!

  33. Simon came round for the first time to meet Bella and Barney, sat down, and was surrounded by them…clearly the right man for the job. He is reliable, writes walk reports which always make me smile, and is as crazy about pooches as all us daft dog owners. Book this man now.

  34. I have an 18 mth labradoodle, Honey who loves Simon (and Mickey). She’s exhausted at the end of every walk with Dogs Buddy and that’s perfect for a working family with a very active young dog!

  35. Simon walked my dog Rosie between Christmas and New Year 2012 whilst we were away. He was very reliable, locking up the house and putting the alarm on when he came and went. But more importantly, Rosie got some great walks from someone who obviously loves dogs and Rosie loved Simon too! So much so that the next time we saw him and Mickey out at Chorlton Water Park Rosie rushed up to him with great enthusiasm. We had a chat and parted company but Rosie headed off with Simon, that’s how keen she was to spend time with him. I think that is the best endorsement – from a dog.

    1. Simon has been walking Henry for nearly a year now whilst we go on holiday. Henry is a black lab and gets very excited when simon comes to see him. Simon is punctual and very realiable. I would highly recommend simon and he fablous with dogs and a lovely person as well. He provides an excellent service. Henry loves his walks with simon.

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