Why dogs-buddy as your Dog Walker?

I’m looking for a dog walker in South Manchester… Why should I choose dogs-buddy?

  • Safety for you: Full insurance, and CRB check.
  • Safety for your dog: There are 2 large compartments in the back of my c and your dog(s) can enjoy the scenery while we travel to the park. (They get all excited once they see the park/fields) I can also keep an eye on them when driving. I opted for this type of car rather than a van so they wouldn’t feel scared in a closed dark space. The windows open so they can enjoy fresh air in the warm weather. Dogs only walked off lead with your permission and once I have established good recall with your dog, walking routes in quiet areas avoiding busy roads. I carefully discuss dogs’ behaviour before taking on new clients, and monitor behaviour closely during each walk – this ensures that your dog is not walked with dogs with aggressive issues.
  • Comfort for your dog: spacious, comfortable, air conditioned Peugeot Partner estate car with large tinted windows, and bowls inside for plenty of water after their fun time outside.
  • Cleanliness: Towel dry on return (I bring my own however, it would be a big help to leave some out).
  • Communication: Free consultation visit and local walk for all new clients. I understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry friend with ‘just anyone’, so the consultation will give you the chance to get to know me, and for me to understand your needs. Daily communication using report cards for each walk, weekly updates and pictures of your dog enjoying walks on the dogs-buddy blog and facebook page
  • Value for money: my rates are competitive, but beyond this offer value for money in terms of quality and service.
  • Individualised service: Your dog will be walked by myself on each walk. In group dog walks, your dog will be carefully matched with other dogs to ensure the walk is at the right pace. Unlike day care centres, you will know which other dogs your dog will be walking with; furthermore, you will know that your dog gets consistent and personalised care from one person. I will treat your dog as if he or she was one of my own. I focus on building a long term relationship with each canine client. I take healthy treats for all dogs on each walk to ensure good behaviour, such as recall or tricks, is rewarded, and they stay motivated for games.
  • A great time: Each dog will get a full one hour walk; the time does not include transport or cleaning time. We will play games of fetch, and chase the ball or stick to ensure your dog stays mentally stimulated; opportunities for swimming in summer (with your permission)
  • Convenience: I am happy to discuss any additional needs, such as feeding your dog or giving water, bringing wheelie bins in, bringing the mail in, turning lights on or off.
  • Eco-friendly: biodegradable poop bags, natural training treats, carefully planned driving routes to ensure fuel efficiency.
  • Flexibility: If your dog requires a longer or shorter walk, a faster or a slower walk, I am happy to discuss. You can change walk times or days at short notice by text message or email. If you are working late and your dog needs an extra walk, I am always just a phone call away.
  • Guarantee: if you are unsatisfied with the service in any way, please let me know and I will be more than happy to discuss any particular requirements with you.
  • Specialise: I focus on and specialise in one thing: taking your dog on a great walk. I do not claim to be a trainer, a groomer, or a dog psychologist, but do have ready access to advice from a professional trainer, and an experienced vet.

Why do I need a dog walker?

  • If you are unable to walk your dog during the day due to work commitments, family, or health problems, your dog can get stimulation to maintain their mental and physical health.
  • Dogs can become bored when not stimulated, and this may lead to destructive behaviour around the home or barking that irritate neighbours
  • Daily walking will ensure that your dog stays healthy.
  • Walking with other dogs helps to socialise your dog.